Oh Baby, Baby! Childbirth Education for the Sexuality Professional

By Center for Human Sexuality Studies (other events)

Wednesday, March 13 2019 6:00 PM 8:00 PM

Number of hours (CE credits): 2hrs


Although the sexual wellbeing of individuals and their partners is the focus of sexuality professionals, experiences of pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period is too often relegated to the medical profession alone. Health and wellness during the perinatal period includes many aspects of sexuality which can be addressed by sexuality education, counseling and therapy.  Relationships can be impacted by the introduction of a baby in many ways, and providing supportive and sexuality informed information and counseling can be essential for the health of the entire family system. The nature of western cultures’ response to sexuality and birth, often leaves sexuality providers out of the conversation in regards to parental and infant health. Information about how sex and sexuality interface with the perinatal period can prepare practitioners to alleviate the challenges faced by new parents. The connection between sexuality and the perinatal period, including the emergent understanding of the impact of birth trauma will be examined. Specific examples of interventions and areas which can be addressed with parents will be discussed as it relates to the work of sexuality professionals, those in the field of maternal infant health, and perinatal work. 


Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

1. Explain the connection between physiological changes during the perinatal period and sexual health & wellbeing

2. Identify at least two sexuality counseling/education needs which may arise  for a couple during the  perinatal period

3. Identify at least two strategies which can be utilized to support expectant and new families experiencing symptoms related to a sexual trauma history and/or birth trauma

4. Identify at least two ways that Sexuality Professionals can serve expectant and new families as a career


Shanna M. Williams, MSW, MEd is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker serving the Greater Philadelphia region. She is the Executive Director of Social Work Counseling Services (SWCS), an organization affiliated with Widener University’s School of Human Service Professions, which serves Chester, PA and its surrounding communities. Additionally, Shanna serves as a Clinical Assistant Professor in Widener’s Center for Social Work Education where she teaches classes in Generalist Social Work Practice, Trauma Therapy and Family Therapy.  She maintains a private practice in which she integrates Doula work with Clinical counseling for expectant and new families throughout the Greater Philadelphia Region. She has over 20 years of experience, specifically in the areas of sexuality education and counseling, diversity education, case management and psychotherapy. Her research and clinical expertise focuses on issues of holistic mental health and wellness within the black community, specifically in the area of Maternal Infant Health.

Center for Human Sexuality Studies